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If you are a former editor of the Cornell Law Review, please fill out this survey to submit or update your contact information. Through this same survey, we are also gathering feedback on potential alumni ideas and will keep you updated on alumni events in your area.


Cornell Law Review plans to host receptions each summer in various cities for Journal alumni, current editors, and recently elected editors. If you are interested in hosting one of these events, please email the Alumni Chair, Reese Oñate.


Cornell Law Review often brings our alumni to campus to meet current members and discuss their careers. If you’ll be on campus or would be interested in coming to campus to talk informally with Cornell Law Review members, please email the Alumni and Sponsorship Editor Reese Oñate at


Cornell Law Review plans to publish news on the Journal News section of our website. We would like to feature alumni accomplishments, so please email the Alumni Chair with any exciting alumni news.