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Cornell Law Review, Issue 4

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21 Aug 2020

Cornell Law Review is proud to announce Vol. 105, Issue 4, with Articles and Essays exploring Tort as Private Administration; Justice Scalia’s Campaign Against Legislative History; Corporate Privacy; Product Liability Law; and Student Notes that explore the Racial Gap in Financial Services and a Crime-Fraud Exception to Executive Privilege. Thank you to our amazing authors for their outstanding collaboration and patience with us during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Paradoxical Impact of Scalia’s Campaign Against Legislative History
Stuart Minor Benjamin & Kristen M. Renberg

Tort as Private Administration
Nathaniel Donahue & John Fabian Witt

The Corporate Privacy Proxy
Shaakirrah R. Sanders


An Essay on the Quieting of Products Liability Law
Aaron D. Twerski


Closing the Racial Gap in Financial Services: Balancing Algorithmic Opportunity With Legal Limitations
Julia F. Hollreiser

Executive Privilege With a Catch: How a rime-Fraud Exception to Executive Privilege Would Facilitate Congressional Oversight of Executive Branch Malfeasance in Accordance With the Constitution’s Separation of Powers
Andrew W. Wassef