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Student Note Submissions

Cornell Law Review’s Notes Office only considers Notes authored by active Cornell Law students. Students are considered active up until their formal graduation date. Active Cornell Law students may submit their Notes for consideration in Volume 109 by emailing them directly to Susan Pado at

There should not be any identifying information (e.g., name, email address) on a Note submission. If you are submitting your Note for consideration again, please specify whether the Note is a revised version or if it is the same version of the Note that was submitted before. If you have previously submitted your Note but have not yet heard from the Notes Office, they invite you to resubmit your piece for consideration.

Submission Format 

While the Cornell Law Review does not have a formal page length requirement, accepted Notes are typically between 25 and 35 pages long. While a table of contents is not required, the Notes Office strongly recommends including one. 

The Cornell Law Review Notes Office expects submitted Notes to be free of grammatical or spelling errors. The Notes Office also expects submitted Notes to be supported by thorough and comprehensive research, and as such, strongly recommends that submissions include at least 100 footnotes. 

Student Note Submission Dates

Volume 107

To be considered for publication in Volume 109, active Cornell Law students must submit their Notes to Susan Pado (

Note Guide

For a comprehensive guide detailing Cornell Law Review’s note selection process, expectations for publishable Notes, and the note-on process, see the following Cornell Law Review Note Guide.


Contact Senior Notes Editor Josiah Rutlelidge (