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Cornell Law Review, Issue 5

18 Sep 2020

Cornell Law Review is proud to announce Vol. 105, Issue 5, with Articles, Essays, and Notes exploring Multidistrict Litigation as a Category; Why Has Antitrust Law Failed Workers?; Legitimate Interpretation—Or Legitimate Adjudication?; Chevron as Construction; International Cultural Heritage Law; and Demanding Trust in the Private Genetic Data Market. Thank you to our amazing authors for their outstanding collaboration and patience with us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see below for a complete list of Issue 5 authors and their scholarship.


MDL as Category
Zachary D. Clopton

Why Has Antitrust Law Failed Workers?
Ioana Marinescu & Eric A. Posner

Legitimate Interpretation—Or Legitimate Adjudication?
Thomas W. Merrill


Chevron as Construction
Lawrence B. Solum & Cass R. Sunstein


International Cultural Heritage Law: The Link Between Cultural Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Concept of Cultural Genocide
Ashley Mullen

Demanding Trust in the Private Genetic Data Market
Benjamin T. Van Meter

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