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Vol. 107, Issue 5


A Response-Dependent Perspective on the Theory of Insanity

Bruno Patrick Babij, B.A., Stanford University, 2018; M.Phil., University of Cambridge, 2019;
J.D., Cornell Law School, 2022

6 Oct 2022

“This Note has three parts. The first introduces the idea of response-dependent responsibility in more detail. The second part argues that the traditional tests for insanity assume the view of responsibility the response-dependent account sought to correct and that the failure of these tests to provide satisfactory results follows from that assumption. The third part proposes that a quietism be adopted in the theory of insanity and considers what effect, if any, the quietist conclusion should have on the administration of the insanity defense in practice.”

To read this Note, please click here: A Response-Dependent Perspective on the Theory of Insanity.