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Tag: Financial Regulation



Erik F. Gerding, Professor of Law and Wolf-Nichol Fellow, University of Colorado Law School

Lynn Stout heartily embraced heterodox economic theories for describing capital markets and a progressive zeal for reforming them. Yet when she came to formulate her policy prescriptions for financial markets, one of the most prominent progressive corporate and financial law scholars of the twentieth century could sometimes take these twin intellectual engines into surprisingly “conservative”…

Mar 2020


Too Big to Supervise: The Rise of Financial Conglomerates and the Decline of Discretionary Oversight in Banking

Lev Menand

The authority of government officials to define and elimi- nate “unsafe and unsound” banking practices is one of the oldest and broadest powers in U.S. banking law. But this authority has been neglected in the recent literature, in part because of a movement in the 1990s to convert many supervisory judgments about “safety and soundness”…

Sep 2018