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Tag: Imprisonment

Book Review—Yearning to Breathe Free: Migration Related Confinement in America

Danielle C. Jefferis. Assistant Professor, California Western School of Law. I owe deep gratitude to Professor César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. His research and scholarship are significant contributions to this field and have pushed me to think critically about my own work. He and I, along with Carrie Rosenbaum and Jennifer Chacón, were in conversation about this book during an Author Meets Reader session at the Law and Society’s 2020 Annual Meeting, and our dialogue refined this piece. I also thank the editors of Cornell Law Review, including Gabriela Markolovic, Nicholas Pulakos, and Victor Flores, who have diligently and skillfully prepared this piece for publication during especially unsettled times. Any and all errors are mine.

Book: MIGRATING TO PRISON: AMERICA’S OBSESSION WITH LOCKING UP IMMIGRANTS. César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. 2019. 190 pages.  Migrating to Prison assumes a primary position among the growing body of legal scholarship that focuses on the role of incarceration in immigration regulation. This Review explores two key contributions of the book, while situating the work among…

Oct 2020