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Cryptocommunity Currencies

J.S. Nelson, Associate Professor of Law (Business Ethics), Villanova Law School; Dept. of Management & Operations (by courtesy), Villanova School of Business 

What are cryptocurrencies: securities, commodities, or something else? Maybe they are a new form of established currency—a non-sovereign fiat currency. Like other self-governing bodies, the communities that issue cryptocurrencies should be judged on how well they support their currencies. This analysis is not meaningfully different from how we have evaluated traditional sovereign issuers of currency….

Mar 2020


Oversight Failure in Securities Markets

Yesha Yadav, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt Law School

According to statute, securities exchanges play an essential role in ensuring compliance with applicable laws and industry standards. Long imagined as unique in their institutional capacity to bring traders together, collect information and exclude problem participants from the marketplace, exchanges have offered an efficient source of private discipline for public regulators. The classic conception of…

Nov 2019